5 Tips for choose best perfume

May 13, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Tips

5 tips to choose perfume
  •  Find only one of the Base Perfume Fragrance Families that you Love the smell of, either,The Citrus Fresh Perfume Fragrance Family, or The Wood Perfume Fragrance Family, orThe Floral Perfume Fragrance Family, or The Oriental Perfume Fragrance Family.  When you have narrowed it down to only one, then only consider perfumes in your chosen Base Perfume Fragrance Family (or that Family’s sub-categories as listed on the Perfume Fragrance Wheel).  If you do not follow this tip, then the selection of Perfumes becomes too broad and you will only end up confusing yourself!  Confusion is exactly what happens when you walk into a Shopping Mall, because there is too much to choose from, and, there are Perfumes Spraying Everywhere and consequently you cannot pick out a smell that you like without another spray wafting across and confusing you!
  • Try Samples or small sized bottles before spending on a big one!  This way you will find the Best Perfume Fragrances for you seen as though you can try more perfumes!
  • Wear the Perfume for 24 Hours to see how it wears on your own skin!  Then you will discover the Best Long Lasting Perfume Fragrance On Your Own Skin!  Remember that perfume will smell different on every person’s skin, so, you need to wear perfume to know what it smells like on you… that’s why Tip 2!  Also, Do Not wear too much Perfume, always remember that the purpose of Perfume is to enhance a person’s naturally produced body scent Not Disguise It…that’s why Tip 2

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  • Know how to find a Perfume concentration on the bottle so that you know exactly what you are paying for and so that you are not getting ripped off.
  • Perfume Fragrances are likened by the wearer to memories of good times or a cue of a favourite thing e.g. a person that loves the smell of a freshly peeled mandarin or a person that loves the smell of a cigar.  So, if you find something special that gives you a good feeling, and then you can relate it to a smell, then you can find which of the 4 Base Perfume Fragrance Families that smell belongs, and then, you can pick a perfume that you totally will love and want to wear every day!